Uploading Photos

Uploading Photos Posted: 17/03/2010

Uploading photos to the web is very simple, but if it’s your first time it may feel quite scary, but don’t worry, below explains how it is in fact very straight forward and safe......

When you use digital cameras and phones to take all your photos, it’s amazing how easy it is for them to mount up and fill up the camera or memory cards. The natural thing to do is to copy them to your computer. The common place to put them is in ‘My Pictures’.

When you use a web site to upload your photos, you are presented with an upload service. On the whole, they work with a simple page where you browse to your file and upload the photo. On PC it works like this...... You press the browse to button, locate the file in your local pc system by looking through the folders and directory listings, click on the file name, or set to view thumbnails and click on the thumbnail and then press ‘open’. When that is done the web page will display and ‘upload’ button. That button is the one which orders the transfer of the file to the web sites server computer. A progress bar usually indicates the amount of transfer happening and then when complete is usual to see a thumbnail of the image you have uploaded.

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