Turn holiday snaps into wall art!

Turn holiday snaps into wall art! Posted: 11/07/2010

Don’t let your holiday snaps be hidden away in a photo album, turn your beautiful memories into decorative pieces of wall art!

You can turn a small photograph that would otherwise be seen only on occasions into something that you, your friends and family can enjoy every day. With the average person holidaying between one and three times per year, the photos soon stack up.

Digital photography means that most holidaymakers can now store thousands of holiday snaps on memory sticks and personal computers, which rarely see the light of day. These photos need to be seen and appreciated, and brought back to life creatively in a range of unique home decor ideas like canvas prints and photo collages.

Save money on affordable gift ideas using photo print technology to exhibit your holiday images anew. You don’t even have to leave the house – upload your digital photos or post your prints and await the results delivered to your door. By the time you read this, you have probably been on a dozen or more memorable holidays and weekend city breaks worthy of at least one photo canvas so get searching!

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