Canvas prints now available at a low and affordable price

Canvas prints now available at a low and affordable price Posted: 03/11/2010

It is true that everyone loves portraits and photographs. We love to have portraits and photographs made of our kids, our loved ones, our pets and even some times ourselves. Even though we may have a desire to own good quality portraits, we often restrain ourselves as most of the good quality portraits are far too expensive.

With the credit crunch hitting even harder and less money to spend, we often stay away from buying the more expensive things and tighten our belts a bit. Any plan to hire an artist to get the portraits done can be a costly affair, for which we must be ready to shell out some real money. In this time of economic recession, when everyone is trying to cut down their living expenses, hiring an artist to do our portraits is out of the question.

But yes, if you fall into the group which desire to own a portrait of the kids, loved ones or portraits of yourself at the cheapest price, then of course do not despair. The best option available to you is to go for canvas prints. There is no hiring of an expensive artist for canvas prints. All that you are required to do is to take a photograph of yourself with your digital camera or mobile phone and send it to orders(AT)  Here you will get canvas prints at a reasonable price. Canvas prints are a fine choice for gifts. Picturepix have been printing canvas prints for many years. We are a small family run organisation that takes your artwork and quality very seriously. Every single canvas print is checked and then double checked to make sure it has no quality issues with it and is hand-crafted at our design studio in Swansea.

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