Canvas printing the process

Canvas printing the process Posted: 19/07/2010

Transforming your photo to canvas art is no easy process and is very time consuming. This process has been shortened just to give you a feel of what we do when your image is sent to us for printing.

Canvas printing - the process

When your image is printing we get the wood ready to be made into a solid pine frame, this is checked to make sure that the wood is in perfect condition. If the image being printed is with a bleed (where the image continues around the sides) then the frame is built so as soon as the image comes off the printer can be stretched. All the stretching is undergone by an experienced member of staff who has been fully trained in the art of canvas stretching. As you can see the quality of the canvas is perfect, this piece would be regarded as canvas art as it is simply made up of vivid colours. When the canvas has been stretched around the frame the back is trimmed with a blade to ensure clean cut lines on the back, it is then stapled again ready for packaging. As you can see from the picture every detail is preserved from the original image, with all the colours as bright and vibrant as they should be and the finished canvas print sretched to perfection around a precision made solid pine frame. If you have a query about canvas art please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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