Q. What size does my image need to be?

A: For a really high quality canvas print Picturepix recommends that your image is at least 300kb in memory size for any canvas print. The larger the image memory size from your digital camera the better and sharper the final canvas print shall be. For large sized canvas prints (+30" x 40") Picturepix recommends at least a 1MB image memory size.

In short set your digital camera from it's menu to the largest resolution, memory or measurement size it is capable. Remember, the larger the original image the better the final canvas prints will be (Size does matter). A normal digital camera with the settings on high will give you 3MB photos which can easily be used to print the biggest size canvas prints. You can upload up to 10MB to the Picturepix website so if you do have a higher resolution image then please upload the highest size image you have as it will result in a far sharper and clearer image print. 

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